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HEP and E-Visits: Additional Help Topics


What if I’m new to using WebPT HEP?

WebPT HEP is a multi-faceted application that allows therapists to quickly build home exercise programs and for patients to access these video-based exercises through a mobile app or desktop. More importantly for e-visits, WebPT HEP features a secure patient-provider messaging platform, allowing any time communication about the patient’s care.

For this article, we’ll only be reviewing how to use the communication feature to provide a Medicare reimbursement qualified e-visit. To learn how to implement and use the home exercise features, sign up to our WebPT University and enroll in the HEP Onboarding Course. It’s a fast and interactive course that walks you step-by-step through using all the features of WebPT HEP.

HEP Training:

What if the patient doesn’t have a Care Plan?

If you have an established patient that has not yet used StriveHub either online or through the mobile app, follow the steps below. Tip: The patient will need an email address to access the mobile app or desktop patient portal.

  1. In WebPT HEP, click in the Find a Patient search field to open the patient list. Type in the name of your patient to search for their profile.
  2. Click the patient folder icon. 
  3. Provide the Access Code to your patient and instruct them to create an account either on the patient portal website or through the mobile app. They'll need their access code and date of birth to log in. Confirm you have the correct date of birth entered as this will prevent them from logging in. 
  4. To see the patient steps for logging into StriveHub Portal, see this articleNote: Follow the steps in the article for the section titled Website, since a welcome email will not be provided when following this process.

Therapist Communication

For patients without an existing care plan, the therapist must send the initial message. Otherwise, the patient won't be able to communicate with you. Follow the steps below.

  1. In HEP, go to the Messages menu. 
  2. Click the New Message button. 
  3. Locate your patient and click on their name. 
  4. Then type out your welcome message.  

  5. Following the above instructions, when the patient logs into StriveHub, they’ll see a new welcome message from you. They can then reply with their question or concern to begin their e-visit.

What if the patient does not have a profile in HEP?

If the patient is an established patient but does not have StriveHub account or a patient profile in HEP, follow the steps below.  Note: The patient will need an email address to access the mobile app or desktop patient portal.

  1. In WebPT HEP, click in the Find a Patient search field to open the patient list. Click Add New Patient to create the new patient profile.    
  2. In the pop-up menu, fill out the patient’s information, then click Add Patient. 
  3. Note: If you can access the patient’s WebPT ID (not the case ID), enter it in the Patient ID field. This will link up the patient’s info from the EMR with the care plans created in HEP (within 15 minutes if using the WebPT EMR). Otherwise, please create a Patient ID that is completely random with letters and numbers (the more ridiculous the better). This is because if the ID you create matches up with an actual ID of a patient in your database, the two records of two patients could become intertwined. From here, follow the steps in the above section What if the Patient Never Had a Care Plan?

What if the original therapist who created the care plan no longer works for the clinic?

If a therapist has taken over the patient of another, the new therapist first needs to locate the patient in WebPT HEP and send them a message to introduce themselves. The patient will then be able to start the e-visit by describing their question and or concern. From here, follow the Therapist Communication set of instructions from the section What if the patient never had a care plan?

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