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Home Exercise Program: Overview

Our Home Exercise Program tool allows you to easily create, templatize, and share care plans with your patients.

Find a Patient

Use the “Find a Patient” search bar at the top of the page to locate the desired patient. Any Care Plans created will automatically be assigned to that patient. Use the folder and bar graph icons next to their name to see a patient overview or track their progress, respectively.

Search Functionality

While on the Content tab, use the search bar locate exercises. You don’t need to know the exact name of an exercise as it’s labeled in HEP, our dynamic search engine is preloaded with alternate names for each exercise.

Adding Exercises

Adding an exercise to a Care Plan is easy.  Simply hover over the desired activity and click Add or drag-and-drop the exercise into the Care Plan on the right side of the screen.

To designate set, reps, or frequency, hover over the exercise and select Preview. Then, enter the desired information and click Add.

Submit Care Plan

After selecting a patient and adding exercises to a Care Plan, click Submit Care Plan to assign the plan to the patient. The plan will be automatically sent to the patient’s email address and their associated portal. You can also send the plan to the patient via text message (coming soon). If needed, you can use the Print Preview screen to print a copy of the plan.


Templates are a great way to save a commonly prescribed set of exercises. After you have finished adding the exercises to the Care Plan, select the down arrow next to Submit Care Plan. Then, click Save as Template. Enter a name for the set of exercises and select Create Template.

Once a template is created, use the Templates tab to quickly add multiple exercises to a Care Plan.

Patient Portal/Mobile App

After the Care Plan is created for a patient, the patient will receive an email welcoming them to the HEP. A unique access code will be included along with a link to create their Patient Portal. They can also download the mobile app from Google Play or the App Store.

From the portal, patients can view and begin their care plan, watch a video on how to perform each exercise, mark activities as completed, and even message their therapist with questions. If the Care Plan is updated by the therapist, these updates will be reflected automatically for the patient.

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