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Patient Overview Page

The Patient Overview page allows you to view quick details about the patient, their Care Plans (active and past), and the activities they've completed in the Patient Portal.

Accessing a Patient Overview page

  1. Search for your patient and click the Folder icon. 

  2. This page contains three key areas: Patient Info, Active Care Plans, and Patient Activities. 

Patient Info

The Patient Info section contains important information such as the Access Code needed for the Patient Portal, the date of their most recent evaluative note, the date of their last login to the Patient Portal, and a link to resend their Welcome Email.

If there is a blue checkmark next to the patient’s name (not pictured above), it indicates that the patient was successful in logging into the Patient Portal.

Active Care Plans

This section contains information about the Care Plans created for your patients.

Care Plan Actions Menu

There are a few Care Plans action items that you should be aware of. Click the … next to the Care Plan to expand this menu. 

Starting from the left, you have the following options :

  • Edit: Allows you to make updates to the Care Plan
  • Print: Takes you to the Print Preview page
  • Set as Active Care Plan: Activates the selected Care Plan
  • Download PDF: Downloads a PDF copy of the Care Plan
  • Set As Draft: Turns a finalized care plan into a draft. You cannot set the current active Care Plan as a draft until a new active Care Plan is selected.
  • Delete: You must set another Care Plan as active before this option will be possible

Patient Activities

This section shows a live stream of actions the patient has taken in the Patient Portal, allowing the therapist to easily monitor patient progress. This will also display if the patient has set any goals for themselves.

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