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My Patients Page

To access the My Patients page, select Patients from the top-right corner of HEP. 

My Patients Page Layout

This page provides key stats about your patients and Care Plans for a specific date range. In the top section, you can view the following data points based on the date range selected for you or any therapist in your clinic:

  • Careplans Created: The number of new or updated Care Plans you have created for your patients
  • Engagement %: = Total Number of Patients with Care Plans / Number of Patients Who Have Logged into the Patient Portal and Viewed Their Care Plan
  • Average Logins per Patient: = Total Number of Logins/Total Number of Patients Who Logged In 

The bottom section of this page provides additional insight into specific patient data, including Last Activity and Workouts Completed. If your company also uses Reach, you'll see information on the patient's NPS as well. 

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