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Send Care Plan via Text

After creating and submitting a care plan for a patient, the patient will continue to receive their care plan via email automatically. But now you will see the option to Send Text Notification if patients would prefer that mode of communication. Follow the steps below to use this feature.

  1. After you’ve submitted the patient’s care plan, To notify the patient of their care plan via text, start by clicking the Send Text Notification button on the Print Care Plan page 
  2. Next, the Send a Text Alert module will appear on screen. If the patient has already provided a mobile number, the number will appear in the module. Note: If the patient has not yet provided a mobile number, you may type the patient’s preferred mobile number in the Phone Number field.  
  3. Then, check the box next to “My patient has given permission to text this number” (provided that you have received the patient’s consent)  
  4. Click the Send Text Alert button to send the care plan notification. 
  5. Afterward, a success notification will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen to indicate that the text alert has successfully been created. 
  6. Soon after the notification is created, the patient will receive a text message indicating that a new exercise program has been created for them. Similar to the notifications sent via email, this message will include an access code unique to the patient and a link to access their care plan online. 

    1. The link provided directs patients to access the mobile version of the patient portal application. If the patient has not yet downloaded the application to their device, they will be directly to the Apple App or Google Play stores (depending on their device) to download the application for free. 
    2. If the patient has already downloaded the application to their device, upon clicking the link in the notification, the patient will be directed to the application and asked to log in.
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