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Mirroring Exercises

This functionality is currently in Limited Release to a select group of Members. We'll continue gradually rolling out this release over the coming weeks.

WebPT HEP users now have the ability to mirror or “flip” the orientation of video exercises to ensure that patients complete exercises from their care plan on the correct side of their body.

Mirroring an Exercise

  1. From the main page, select or search for any exercise.
  2. Hover over the exercise you’d like to prescribe. Click Preview
  3. From the Preview Panel, you can flip the orientation of the video by clicking on the mirroring icon
    1. Before mirroring:
    2. After mirroring: 
  4. 4.  Once the exercise is oriented in the desired way, click Add to add the video to the patient’s care plan.

    5. You will see that the exercise was added, both in the exercise selection list and in the care plan panel itself.  6. Continue adding exercises and mirroring as needed until the care plan is complete, then click Submit Care Plan to prescribe to your patient. 

Mirroring in Action

Check out the clip below for a brief demonstration of what to expect when mirroring an exercise in the HEP. 

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