Edit a Template

You can edit templates that you have created. If you would like to modify a template created by another user in your clinic, you should clone the template and make your modifications to the new version.

Deleting Exercises or Renaming the Template

  1. Locate the template you want to adjust in the Templates section and open the ... menu.
  2. Next, click the Edit icon.                                                      
  3. A bar will appear across the bottom of the screen. Here you can rename the template or delete items.
  4. Use the ^ icon to expand this view and use the Save button to make your updates.

Adding Exercises to Templates

Exercises cannot be added directly to existing templates. You will need to apply the template, add the desired exercises, and re-save.

  1. Locate the template you want to adjust in the Templates section. 
  2. Hover over the template and click Add All.                                                                             
  3. Next, locate the exercise you want to include in the Exercises tab. Hover and click Add.
  4. The exercises will be added to the end of the Selected Tasks list. Reorder, Add, or Delete as needed.
  5. When satisfied, select Save as Template from the Submit Care Plan drop-down.       

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