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Create a Care Plan

Let’s review how to create a Care Plan for a specific patient. This can also be referred to as a Home Exercise Program (HEP).

  1. If you are already logged into HEP, start by locating the patient using the Find a Patient search bar. 

    1. If you are on the patient's chart in the WebPT EMR, select Home Exercise Program. This will open the Patient Overview page. 
    2. Then, click Create New Care Plan

  2. Now on the Exercise Builder, use the search bar to locate exercises. Tip: Search by keyword, body part, or diagnosis.    

    1. You can also use the advanced filters on the left-side menu to help narrow your search by Specialty, Exercise Type, Body Part, Movement Direction, Difficulty, and Equipment. 
    2. These filters will remain until you click Clear Filters; so if you are having difficulty finding an exercise, clear all filters and search again.          

Pro Tip: Create templates to maintain a portfolio of pre-made Care Plans targeted to diagnoses you commonly treat, or add exercises to your favorites to easily find your most prescribed videos.

  1. Once you have located the desired exercise, hover over the exercise tile to Preview or Add. You can also drag-and-drop the exercise to the Selected Task pane. This is useful if you want to add exercises in a particular order.

    1. Click Preview to review the exercise video and add information such as Sets, Reps, and Resistance. If you have designated Exercise Type or Specific Exercise defaults, they will automatically populate. This is also where you can choose to mirror or "flip" an exercise's orientation before adding to the patient's care plan.

  2. If you prefer to call an exercise something different than what is listed in HEP, use the Edit icon in the Exercise Preview window to rename. This change applies only to your account and will not impact the name of the exercise clinic-wide. 

    If you previewed the exercise, click Add to place the exercise in the Care Plan. The exercise tile will display Added and will also appear in the Selected Tasks pane.                                                                        

  3. Curious about what exercises your fellow therapists often use in conjunction with a selected exercise? Click the Lightning Bolt icon. This pulls up a 'Frequently Used With'  menu of complementary exercises. Hover over an exercise tile to quickly Preview or Add to the Care Plan.  

  4. If needed, drag-and-drop exercises in the Selected Tasks section to reorder.  
  5. Once satisfied, click Submit Care Plan.
    1. This will automatically send the patient a Welcome Email containing a link to their exercises. To take advantage of this feature, you must have an email entered for the patient.
    2. This also automatically saves a PDF of the Care Plan as an eDoc in the patient's chart in the WebPT EMR.
    3. To help create interest in using the Patient Portal, feel free to provide this flyer to your patients.
    4. You will also be navigated to the Print Preview page.
  6. If the patient would like a paper copy of the Care Plan, first set the Printout Options. Note: The StriveHub Portal website and mobile application only support English. If you are treating a non-English speaking patient, we recommend providing them the Care Plan in their primary language.
    1. Including a cover page will provide branded, simple directions for the patient to access their Care Plan using the Patient Portal website or mobile application. 

Curious about the patient experience? Click here.

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