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Track Patient Progess

Once you create a Care Plan for your patient, you are then able to track their progress as they work through their newly created care plan.

  1. Type a patient's name into the Find a Patient search bar.
  2. Then, select the patient whose progress you wish to track and click the corresponding folder icon.
  3. Next, navigate to the Progress tab. 

From there you can see a patient's progress over a designated period of time. When your patient completes exercises in their Care Plan, they receive points which are used to track their progress. If you wish to see how active a patient has been over different periods of time, use the drop-down menu located directly over the Current Streak tile.

Back on the Overview tab, you can view a patient's progress in the Patient Activities panel. This shows you specific dates and times that your patient has been active in the Patient Portal. You will be able to see which exercise videos they are performing, which exercise videos they are skipping, and when they complete each exercise video. This panel also tracks when the patient reads and responds to messages. 

Tracking a patient's progress can help you determine which exercises are useful and evaluate the patient's commitment to therapy. You can also investigate why specific exercises are being skipped.

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