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Care Plan vs Handout

While a patient's Care Plan is accessible through the Patient Portal (web and mobile), Handouts are not available online. This is a great alternative for those patients without internet access. Additionally, your clinic can create Handouts to design generic workout plans that can be used across multiple patients, such as a standard warm-up.

Creating a Handout 

  1. When designing a Care Plan, use the drop-down menu and select Save as Handout instead. 

  2. Remember, a Handout is not assigned to a specific patient or accessible online. When creating a Handout, you’ll receive a warning message about its limitations. 

  3. Selecting Yes will save your Handout and open the Print Preview window. You can title for your Handout in the Printout Options section. This will make the Handout searchable for the future. 

  4. Access your handouts in the My Handouts section of the Patients page. In this section, you can edit, print, or delete the Handouts you've created. 

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