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Create a Template

Creating templates that contain commonly used exercises allows you to save time when building patient Care Plans. Templates are shared with all HEP users in your clinic. You have the option to create a template from scratch or convert an existing Care Plan into a template.

Creating a Template

Use the following steps to build a new template.

  1. Navigate to the Exercises tab.
  2. Browse for exercises using the available categories or search for exercises using keywords. Click Add on an exercise tile to include it in the Selected Tasks pane. If you have no designated defaults for each exercise, it is recommended that you Preview the exercise to include this information.
    1. Please note that templates will not save your exercises in phases if that’s how you’ve chosen to segment them. They will display as one list when used to create a new care plan.
  3. When complete, use the Submit Care Plan drop-down to select Save as Template

  4. Name your template and click Create Template to save. Because this template will be available to all users in your clinic, we recommend using names that make your templates easy to locate.     

  5. You’ll receive a confirmation message. The template is now available in the Templates tab.
  6. If needed, you can Edit the template to delete or reorder the exercises from the Templates tab. 

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