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Resend Patient Welcome Email

After submitting a care plan in HEP, your patient will receive a Welcome Email notifying them that "Your Healthcare Provider Has Created a New Care Plan for You." The email will contain a link to the Patient Portal (https://portal.strivehub.com) as well as a unique, one-time Access Code which will allow the patient to access and view their Care Plan.

If a patient misplaced/didn't receive their initial welcome email you may resend the email via the Patient Overview screen in HEP. To resend a patient welcome email, begin by logging into your HEP account via https://prm.webpt.com/.

  1. Search for the patient using the Find a Patient task-bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Next, select the folder icon to the right of the patient's name to access the Patient Overview screen.
  3. Then, select Resend Welcome Email from the panel on the left.

Patient Panel

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