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How Do I Add My Own Videos/Exercises to HEP?

With thousands of exercises in our ever-growing library, we believe you can craft the perfect routine for your patient. However, if you don’t see a particular exercise in our library or you have a variation on one of the existing exercises, we make it simple for you to upload your exercises into our database.

By sending us your videos— with the understanding that they will be uploaded to WebPT HEP—you give your consent to WebPT Inc. to use and reproduce your video under a non-exclusive, worldwide license.

Important: Videos uploaded are made available to your entire organization. Prior to making a video submission request, please reach out to your HEP administrator for approval.

Video Requirements

All videos must meet the following standards:

  • Short: 15 - 30 seconds
  • Recorded in landscape mode
  • Must not feature any patients

Recording the Video

  1. Start by choosing your recording device. We recommend using a GoPro due to the excellent recording quality. However, any modern smartphone or tablet will work (made within the last three years).
  2. Next, pick the location. What type of background is behind you? We recommend recording in front of a plain-looking or blank wall to reduce opportunities for distraction. Remember, all videos must be recorded in landscape orientation, so ensure that your recording location can accommodate this view. 
  3. Set up your recording device. It is very important to keep the device steady during the video. A small tripod is highly recommended.
  4. Remember, the video should feature yourself or another staff member. Never use or show any of your patients in these recordings, even in the background. Additionally, please refer to your clinic's policies as it pertains to acquiring consent for recording employees.
  5. Optionally, you can include audio.
    1. Be conscious of background noise and ensure the speaker provides directions clearly and with enough volume to be easily understood. Tip: You may find it helpful to write a script so you know exactly what you'll be saying.
  6. Record a practice video by completing a few reps of the exercise. When you review, pay special attention to what your patient would see in the video. Would the required movements be clear to the patient? If you are including audio, can the patient hear and understand the instructions? Are the instructions appropriately timed to the visual demonstration?
  7. Record the final video. Remember, the video should be no longer than 15-30 seconds and should show the individual correctly completing a few reps of the exercise.
  8. Required: Take a picture that, you believe, would best represent the exercise to display as the thumbnail you see in HEP and on Handouts.

Submitting the Exercise Video

All exercises must be added to the HEP Exercise Upload form (linked below). Follow these instructions:

  1. Save the recorded video and associated thumbnail picture with a filename that matches the exercise title (i.e. Seated Knee Extensions).
  2. Next, upload all videos and images to a Dropbox folder. If you don’t currently use Dropbox, please create an account (it’s free!). After they have been added to Dropbox, you’ll need to create shareable links.
  3. Start by hovering over the entry and clicking Share.  
  4. In the popup window, Select Create a link
  5. Click Copy link.   
  6. Next, open this form to add your custom exercise to WebPT HEP.

Enter the exercise name in the Content Name field. Ensure that the video and image titles match the Content Name. In the Instructions section, write out step-by-step instructions as precise as possible (i.e. hold the position at a 45-degree angle for 10 seconds). Then, use steps 3-5 to copy-and-paste the image and video links into the appropriate sections of the form. Click Next and complete the form. Be sure to indicate whether you want to include audio in the video. Use the Submit button when finished.

  1. When you have submitted the form, send an email to HEPSupport@webpt.com to let us know your name, your organization, and how many exercises you have added.

We will send you an email when the upload is complete and your exercise video(s) is/are available in HEP. Note: When we upload a video to HEP, it becomes searchable and useable for every therapist at your organization, not just your clinic location.

Reasons why your exercise submission request may be denied:

  • We already have this exercise in our database.
  • The video was not recorded in landscape mode.
  • The video resolution is too low to adequately communicate the exercise to the patient.
  • You did not include a still image or a video, as both items are required.
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